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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Re the quickly, smoothly, efficiently introduced reform

A Central London LA reports that they have the new application forms but they are not able to save or email it. they have to print it off & scan it.

Does anyone have forms / CMOS etc which work?

Re the quickly, efficiently and smoothly introduced reforms

From the East London Family Court

We are having some technical difficulties at present with some of the orders that have been emailed in to us. I think this may be due to the old version of the draft case management order being used and therefore being incompatible with our systems (even though it was created by us).

Could you please be so kind as to circulate the version I have attached to anyone completing and filing the CMO including Counsel so that we ensure you get your orders in the correct manner and in an expectable amount of time, without our clerks pestering you and Counsel to re-draw the order. I'm afraid there is no other way around it.

Can you also please ensure that if we need the orders re-typed on this version that you DO NOT copy and paste. This creates the same problem as we are currently experiencing. I'm afraid the CMO must be completed from scratch.

I'd like to thank you all for your assistance with this and hope that within the next month or so this version should have filtered through and we should no longer be experiencing the current issues…..and instead of wasting time fiddling with these drafts we can get on with some more important work!!!