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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Report of the Private Law Working Group

John Vater QC gave an extremely entertaining presentation on private law children's cases at the ALC this year and all the more so for being first on Saturday morning when some of us might have been feeling a bit delicate and certainly did not have enough sleep. Also the more impressive because it has not been a busy year in private law perhaps because of the withdrawal of public funding.

In part of his talk he reviewed the Report of the Private Law Working Group, chaired by Cobb J. The first report was published on 12.11.13.

Some salient points:

* No time limit for resolution of cases (cf 26 weeks in public law & no doubt realistic in light of the numbers of LIPs.

* Courts should not list for review unless both necessary and in the interests of the child

* Use s 11H Children Act 1989 or make a Family Assistance order under s 16 to continue professional involvement if necessary

Next year's conference will be in Bristol from Thursday 13th to Saturday 15th November 2014. Sadly I already know I will not be able to be there but it is always worth going - I really did not need the points this year but went anyway because it is such a great opportunity to meet, talk & learn & laugh!

Another great event put on by the ALC and the last one of its kind is the Hershman / Levy Memorial Lecture on 26th June 2014 in Gray's Inn

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