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Friday, 13 December 2013

Legal Aid Update: FAS - Claims For Payment

Kindly written & supplied by Jerry Bull (Managing Director of Atkins Hope, Solicitors in Croydon) & Samantha Little (Partner & Head of the Children Law Team at Russell-Cooke in Kingston) from their talk to the ALC Conference.

11. Claims for Payment

11.1. For interim hearings, based on units of 2.5 hours once you have exceeded one hour. They just keep being added up in units of 2.5 hours no matter over how many days the hearing runs.

11.2. If you do run over one day then you will need to produce your notes of hearing to show when you attended court each day

11.3. If you exceed one hour you do not claim that separately it just gets absorbed into the first 2.5 hour unit

11.4. For final hearings it is a daily rate. Reading days do NOT count as a day of final hearing so you may wish to attend for housekeeping issues. NB in the extremely unlikely event that a final hearing runs until after midnight on day 1 then a second day can be claimed.

11.5. Remember that any time at court on a final hearing counts as a day for claiming purposes.

11.6. On the CLAIM1A the “total time” refers to the time between your start time and your end time on the FAS form and not total time engaged in hearing, preparation and travel.

11.7. Payments on Account claimed in same way as before for solicitors ie 75% paid twice a year. This is the one area where there is still difference with counsel who can claim for each hearing as it arises. FAS form not needed for payment on account.

11.8. FAS forms essential for final claim. No form, no payment (except when a one hour claim is being made with no bolt on).

11.9. Need to include the court orders directing attendance at court and advocates meetings.

11.10. Remember the £20 limit (inclusive of VAT) for disbursements – you will need a receipt for anything over that figure. If it is for mileage or smaller disbursements we have found LAA will need to see your attendance note setting out the claim or a copy of your accounts ledger showing it has been paid.

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