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Friday, 22 November 2013

The Use of ISWs in care proceedings

I am pleased to be attending the ALC Annual Conference in Manchester and am listening to Dr Julia Brophy speaking about her paper "Neither Fear Nor Favour: The views and practices of senior judges regarding the use and value of independent social work expertise in care proceedings".

The full report can be read here

Key findings included:

* Judges did not consider that they frequently ordered ISW reports

* the main reason for using ISWs was that the local authority did not have the skills / expertise in-house or lacked resources to prepare a report in time

* the need for an independent view because of actual or perceived bias by the LA was rarely put forward and rarely determinative although it was more commonly a reason among many

* LAs usually actively participated / welcomed the instruction of an ISW

* Judges had and were prepared to turn down applications (even joint applications) unless the need to instruct the ISW could be demonstrated

* More than half of reports were outstanding / excellent and generally good with only 3 reports being less than satisfactory

* Most reports were delivered on time

* Most Judges considered the core assessment generated by the ICS as not fit for purpose (lacking analysis, repetitious, fonts too small, too many boxes, difficult to locate information etc etc.)

* Judges raised concerns about the lack of experience and training of LA social workers in the legal arena

* Fewer than half of LAs inspected completed core assessments in 35 days

* Only 5% of assessments were consistently good (the rest were variable, improving or unacceptably poor)

* Judges do not anticipate changing their practices in respect of authorising ISWs because of the policy / legal developments such as the 26 week rule - ISWs are rarely used and need must be demonstrated but if there is a need the reports will be directed

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