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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Possible Questions to Radiologists

What is seen on radiological examination?

What interpretation should be placed on this?

What is the significance of the appearances on the CT and MRI scans?

What injury(ies) did the child suffer? Is there any organic cause or other explanation for what is seen?
If injury was suffered what was the cause of injury, its mechanism and likely timing?

Can you comment in general terms on the difficulty or ease with which it is possible to date any injuries sustained and the factors which make it difficult or easy to do so?

What was the clinical course of the child's presentation and how does this correspond with the appearances on the CT and MRI scans?

The parents have described an incident as follows .... Could this account for any injuries identified?

COMMENT: do be careful to present the parent(s) comments fairly. A parent may offer a suggestion to the doctors at the hospital eg 'the only thing I can think of is there was this time when etc. This is not necessarily the same as it being the parent's case that this is in fact the explanation for the injury.

Do you agree with the conclusion of X that there are Y subdural haematomas of different ages? If so, what signficance is there in the fact that there are haematomas of different ages?

Are the copies of the X rays of sufficiently good quality on which to base any conclusion about the timing of [the skull fracture] and if not, can anything be done to improve them.

Click here for full draft letter of instruction in word.

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