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Friday, 1 November 2013

Possible questions for independent social workers

Please comment on:

1. The needs of each of the children in terms of their short and long-term care;

2. The ability of the parents, together or separately, to meet those needs in the long-term, any difficulties they might have in meeting those needs, and any support which should and could be offered in order to support them in meeting those needs (and their ability to take advantage of that support);

3. The current and past relationship between the parents and the impact of that on each of the children;

4. The ability of the parents to work with professionals to promote the welfare of the children;

5. Your recommendations for the appropriate placement for each of the children;

6. If your recommendation is that any of the children should not be placed with the parents or either of them, what contact would you recommend there should be with the parents or either of them and with their siblings.

You might also want to direct them to use a BAAf type format for reporting or the core assessment framework or to cover areas required for a Special Guardian report.

Click for full draft letter of instruction in word.

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