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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Possible Questions to Child & Family Psychiatrist

Please undertake a general family assessment dealing in particular with:-

a) the interaction, attachment and bonding between the parents and each of the children;
b) the interaction, attachment and bonding between the grandparents and each of the children;
c) the degree of attachment between each child and his or her siblings.

To what extent do you consider the parents or either of them understand the children's emotional and developmental needs?

To what extent do you consider the parents or either of them are able to meet the children's needs?

Do you consider it to be in the child/ren's best interests that their contact with either or both parents(s) should be supervised? If so, please explain why.

Can you make recommendations as to the frequency and nature of contact in future between the child/ren and the parents or inter-sibling or other relative contact?


Please comment on the value of contact for each child with each family member. Comment on the appropriate level of future contact between the children and family members.

What changes and / or improvements in the parents' individual or collective parenting approaches towards their children would need to be achieved to reduce or eliminate any risks identified?

What treatment, therapy or other support would be appropriate to enable the parent(s) to make any necessary changes or improvements?

What timescale would be needed for any treatment, therapy or other support?

What are the prospects of success for any treatment, therapy or other support identified as necessary?

Please indicate the positive and negative features which have influenced your opinion on the prospects of success?

What is your assessment of the child/ren's emotional, social and behavioural development?

Is there any likelihood of further attempts at self-harm by the child in future?

Can you comment on the benefits or disadvantages of the child being placed with his / her siblings and the effect on them all of being separately placed?

What therapeutic or other help does the child need?

Please comment on the suitability of the present placements and all the parties' different proposed future placements.

Click for a full draft letter of instruction in word.

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