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Saturday, 20 October 2012

In an interesting so-called shaking baby, Emma Sherrington of http://www.fishermeredith.co.uk reports that the discovery of previously unseen medical evidence resulted in her client's exoneration as she describes in her article in the Guardian.  The case is also covered by the BBC.  Sadly the father in the case had already been convicted and served time - he did successfully appeal the conviction on other grounds.  The full judgment in relation to the medical issues is here - essentially there was an innocent explanation following on from airway obstruction.  The Judge (Hogg J) summarises the evidence of each medical expert before giving her conclusions both on the individual medical areas and finally on the totality of the evidence.  The final decision approving the return of the children to the parents is here.  One cannot but be moved by the human cost for parents (and others) who had been locked into court battles for over 6 years.

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