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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Great Ormond Street Hospital: GOSH indeed

I watched an interesting programme about Great Ormond Street on BBC4 on my Iplayer but you'll have to hurry as it will only be watchable for another day.  Interesting views from former staff member Professor Christine Hall and discussion about the doctor in the Baby P case.

This is the BBC's summary of the programme content:

Great Ormond Street Hospital is facing accusations that it is downgrading child protection work and "victimising" staff who raise concerns. 
Doctors claim the hospital has ignored warnings about the reduction in its specialist expertise in diagnosing abuse. 
According to the former head of its radiology department, its withdrawal of services since the death of Baby Peter is putting children's safety at risk. 
And a senior Conservative MP has also criticised the hospital over its treatment of another consultant, who was accused of falsifying expenses. 

Further BBC News story is here 

The GOSH response of the Radiology Department.

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