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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Shopportunity: round up

Thanks again to my sister's sister-in-law (mine too?) Kim for the shopportunity word!

Some places are just a total shopportunity.

Kingston is one. Bromley is another. Just fab all round.

I will just mention that Kingston has a collection of designer shops called Pie which are all fab. Also Bentalls, Heals, Russell & Bromley etc etc.

Bromley has a TK Maxx - I cannot get enough of TK Maxx. Bras & knickers at £2.99 a pop what more could a girl want for in life.

Chelmsford - I will at some point put in a plug for my favourite shop but there is a great little stretch of shops in Moulsham Street (opposite court - go under underpass and turn right) including a Cooperative Department store (the Quadrant) with fab concessions though rather an old lady air about it - worth a hunt through especially if there is a sale on - to top designer outlets. The top tip will be worth waiting for - the sort of shop where you get offered a glass of champagne or a coffee and a sympathetic ear, no pressure and I defy you to leave with a clothing need unmet.

Peterborough - strangely lacking in a TK Maxx - anchor John Lewis store in the main centre - but another strangely good Cooperative (the Anglia Regional at the back of the Westgate).

Remember though - a bargain is not a good bargain if it is merely something you can't use at a price you can't resist.

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