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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Panorama: interesting care case on experts

Watch again - Panorama on an interesting case involving experts and parents accused of NAI - Professor Tim David comes out smelling of roses - as I would expect from his careful approach in all cases especially to the differential diagnoses issues.

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Jerry said...

I have posted this onto the Blog Of John Hemming MP

A programme of only half an hour could not address every possible scenario that is failing the children and the parents involved in the child protection system but it missed a very good oppertunity to do this.

I was not at all suprised by the lenght of time the initial judgment was given out in the case or by the fact the Judgment from the County court was not allowed to be shown to the parents only the sols got to see it at the start.

More so the Judge would be praised in this case for making the right moves, we both know how seriously wrong it can turn in these cases.

There was still the real possibility that either parent could have been found guilty of causing the none accidental injuries of baby William, even though the CPS dropped the case, again a too common occurance these days.

This is the very real fact of the family courts systems which I would have liked Panorama to delve deeper into the subject.