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Monday, 12 July 2010

It was au revoir not adieu

I am rather embarrassed by the lack of posting on the blog particularly when, as recently, I receive compliments about it (from fellow family barrister & cyclist Dorothea Gartland (last year's winner of the ALC Newcomer of the Year award) as I peddled my way 200+ miles around Northumberland & the Borders recently with the Borders Marauders raising money for Biking for Children in Care. I have to admit that the cycle ride came at the back of a long holiday which I had been promising myself for months to recover from an extraordinary year of a heavy workload. I also have to admit that I am now very well rested - and very grateful to be able to take a holiday like that - and have come back with renewed vigour to apply to this blog.

The plan for the blog is to move away from a news item based approach since there are news item on the main Family Law Week site and on many other blogs including Family Lore to develop more analytical and practical content. This will include the development of some new series of posts, for example, tips for beginners, reviews of family solicitor websites, mini case libraries & questions & answers etc. And on a more frivolous note - Shopportunities (thanks to my sister for this word) when I will tell you about great shops near far flung courts.

It would be really great to have contributions from others - it is now much easier to post comments so if you were previously defeated come back and have another try. If you have any ideas for posts as a one off you could email them to me at jacqui.gilliatt@4bc.co.uk or if you would like to become a more regular contributor let me or Lucy Reed know.

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