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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Divorce website by Josiah-Lake Gardiner

I am grateful to Bryan Reed of Josiah-Lake Gardiner (a London firm) for drawing my attention to their new online service www.justdivorce.co.uk which aims to help people to obtain their own undefended divorce without using a solicitor, at an affordable rate. They work on a fixed charge basis ranging from £259 to £339 including VAT (not including court fees). The site is fully regulated by the SRA, unlike many other online sites.

The website contains a large amount of helpful free information about divorce and related issues on the front end of the site, which visitors find useful in any event as an information resource. This content enables potential clients to make an informed decision as to whether or not they are entitled to a divorce, and whether justdivorce.co.uk is right for them. If a client decides to go ahead she (or he) then registers for free, and completes an online questionnaire which captures the information we need to prepare the court papers etc. The questionnaire also contains further helpful guidance as to what details are required, and can be completed at a pace which suits the client. A free guide to divorce will be given to all clients who register to use the site.

After completing the questionnaire the client then orders and pays for the service, and so there is no financial commitment until that point. The lawyers at Josiah-lake Gardiner then begin work on the file. They prepare all of the required court forms and all letters to the court, from issue of proceedings to the final divorce decree. They make full use of technology so that these documents can be drafted very efficiently, and then checked by the client via the internet. The forms and letters can then be downloaded, printed off and sent to the court by the client from anywhere in the world. A full explanation of what is required is provided.

Justdivorce.co.uk also provides other related services such as Financial Clean Break Orders, Divorce Decree Searches, and Marriage Certificate Translations. If a client’s situation is too difficult or complicated to be handled online, then they can offer expert in-house advice on a more traditional basis via Josiah-lake gardiner. They promise not to farm work out to third party solicitors for referral fees.

Much of the above comes from the description Bryan sent me but I have checked out the site - it is very user friendly and easy to negotiate, has a useful glossary and understandable explanations of basic information about divorce. it struck me as a great marketing initiative which also offers helpful free content to the lay client. I look forward to seeing the promised developments to the site.

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