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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Private law reform proposals

Jack Straw has announced a review of private law cases which clearly envisages taking them out of the court system altogether.

MOJ Press Release

The review will be carried out by an appointed panel of 4, assisted by departmental representatives and a stakeholder group of experts, academics etc. The identity of these individuals is not yet known, nor the method of their selection.

The review report is planned to be completed and published in 2011.

The Times headline is 'Divorce Courts may be a thing of the past"

Meanwhile Ed Balls announces that the need for grandparents to apply for leave to apply for contact is to be abolished as the Guardian reports & see the DCSF press release.

Giving with the one hand and taking away with the other?


ian josephs said...

1:- Any parent who is threatened by a care order or adoption for their child should have the right to a hearing by a jury.Any burglar facing a possible 6 months or more in prison can demand a trial by jury but mothers who risk losing their babies or young children for LIFE to forced adoption are denied this right.No jury would take a newborn baby from a mother for "risk of emotional abuse". At present juries in civil courts decide complicated cases of libel,slander and even city fraud.They would be more than competent to decide whether or not a child should be removed from its parents and they would not be so ready as "establishment" judges to side in nearly every case with social services against parents desperate to keep their beloved children.

2:- Parents and their teenage children are ruthlessly gagged to prevent them revealing their own nanes or names of witnesses in the family courts.It is indeed wicked that mothers whose babies are snatched at birth by social services for "risk of emotional abuse " are jailed if they protest publicly and the press are restricted in the same way. Surely parents who have had their children removed should, like rape victims be free to waive anonymity and go public if they so choose?It is outrageous that in our "democracy" hundreds of babies are taken from their mothers at birth and if these mothers identify themselves by public protest they are jailed by secret courts.(Harriet Harman admitted in parliament to at least 200 parents per year imprisoned by judges at secret family courts. )The gag must go !

The right to hearings by jury and the removal of the gag would not need complicated legislation and would prevent at least 90% of the present injustices.

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