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Monday, 5 October 2009

Elsewhere in the news: sham marriages, mental breakdowns and the social workers checklist

More 4 news reported on a sharp increase in sham marriages being reported this year. The report claims that the increase is due to a Law Lords decision which ruled that regulations in 2006 designed to prevent such marriages were unlawful. Registrars across the country are apparently seeing one such marriage a week so that the figure less than three hundred in 2006 could rise to 500 or more this year

The report followed the sentencing of a mother and son in Birmingham for arranging seven sham marriages and you can view it in full on the More4 website.

There was also plenty of coverage for the High Court proceedings in which it has been claimed that a now penniless millionaire faked a mental breakdown to delay disclosing the whereabouts of some £400m that is thought to have gone missing. The Times has a report on it here.

Meanwhile The Guardian has reported on a new checklist for Harrow Borough Council’s social workers to ensure that they check for as many signs of possible neglect as possible.

But for something completely different, The Telegraph has helped John Cleese out by highlighting his new tour John Cleese… or How to Finance Your Divorce which launched on Friday. The comic claims he has only started performing again to pay for the recent £12m divorce payout.

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