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Sunday, 27 September 2009

What the papers say: News round up

Several notable family law stories have been reported over the past week in the mainstream national media.

The Times published a piece by a retired judge concerning his fight to get contact with his grandchildren following the death of his son. The same paper has also published an editorial piece by campaigning lawyer,Sarah Harman calling for greater transparency of expert opinions

The Telegraph took the more gossipy approach with a report from the Court of Appeal on the Grubb Case where a wealthy landowner sought to appeal an occupation order turfing him out (temporarily) of his family home. (The full judgment is now on the main Family Law Week site)

Finally, The Observer ran a piece on a US "marriage" calculator devised by Betsey Stevenson of the Wharton school at Pennsylvania University. The calculator is designed to estimate the likelihood of the marriage ending in divorce and according to Stevenson results show that

"The lowest divorce rates are among people who marry late with more education; the highest ones are among those who marry young with less education"

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