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Friday, 31 July 2009


Family lawyers are rather under-represented on twitter but if you are wondering whether to join and who to follow here are a few suggestions.

Me obviously - gjacqui. Lucy Reed - lucindee. Family Law Week itself - familylawweek. John Bolch - johnbolch & also familylaw. Solicitors - Woolley & Co - woolleyandco, Panonne - TheSolicitors, Fisher Jones Greenwood - FJGSolicitors, Stephensons - Stephensons, Latimer Hinks - LatimerHinks. Barrister Miss Erica Carleton - familybarrister. Divorce support services - ukdivorce, wikivorce, divorceadvice, divorceonlineuk. Other legal twitterers - UKParliament, inner-temple, lawandmore, thedivorceshow.

And though not family lawyers - Geeklawyer, Charonqc, babybarista, timkevan.

Let me know if you are a family lawyer on twitter.

Of course, it had to happen: government guidelines on the use of twitter . Not long before the LSC will have a few paragraphs in the Funding Code.


Anonymous said...

Just to clear that up, as a for instance, familylawweek can be found at...


...you add the username to the end of http://twitter.com/


Hartnell Chanot said...

We are a firm of specialist family law lawyers. We have just started "tweeting". Please feel free to "tweet" us ! Our username is "Hartnellchanot". We would love to hear from other family lawyers out there !

Rachel Buckley of Hartnell Chanot and Partners Rachel @Hartnell.co.uk