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Friday, 15 May 2009

Baby P: a never ending story

From the Times the inquiry into NHS failings, conducted by the Care Quality Commission and published this week, concluded that doctors and other health professionals had contact with the little boy 35 times but every chance to raise the alarm was missed. Any one of these professionals could have picked up that he was suffering abuse if they had been “particularly vigilant” and gone “beyond what was required” by the system, the health regulator said.

The Times also summarises the reports published so far .

Evening Standard reported that a senior doctor told how he had repeatedly warned about failings at the child protection clinic which missed the injuries that killed Baby P. Professor Sundara Lingam told the Standard that he had written a series of letters raising the alarm over problems at the clinic in St Ann's Hospital in Haringey when he was director of community child health and follows it up today with a story about the alleged spin campaign by GOSH with Lynne Featherstone,MP for Haringey where Baby P lived, saying that the children's hospital's chief executive, Jane Collins, “misled” the public after revelations about problems at the child protection clinic in St Ann's Hospital, Tottenham, which Great Ormond Street runs.

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