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Thursday, 30 April 2009

They f*** you up , your mum and dad

Lord Justice Wall quotes Philip Larkin at warring couple in a custody battle. Surprising it is not done more often. I have been in two cases recently where litigation of one sort or another has been going on since the year 2000.

The full judgment is now available on Family Law Week


Anonymous said...

Glad to see the Judiciary has caught up with me at last.I have been quoting this to my clients for some years now, and have always maintained that Larkin's immortal words should be emblazoned in letters of gold above the portals of every Family Court in the land

Anonymous said...

The poetry of Sylvia Plath and particularly her vitriolic poem, 'Daddy', springs to my mind when I think about how ****** up parents are.

"There's a stake in your fat, black heart
And the villagers never liked you.
They are dancing and stamping on you.
They always *knew* it was you.
Daddy, daddy, you bastard, I'm through."

Liz Camaur said...

The divorce is not the end of interaction between parents. After all, the parents will participate in a life-long relationship while attending extracurricular activities, graduations, children’s weddings and sharing grandchildren. Clearly, life would be happier if these events didn’t have the stress of the divorce hostility looming over them. When the children are the true priority, parents put their own anger aside and work with the other parent to raise their children. See http://californiafamilylaw-orangecounty.blogspot.com/2010/10/co-parenting-chance-to-focus-on-kids.html