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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Media access to family courts: Day 3

Still not actually seen any journalists myself. Yeovil County Court obviously of no interest but none apparent in the RCJ yesterday either.

Plenty of comments in the papers, however.

The Times reports on comment by Alison Stevens and others that files are being witheld from parents by social services.

The Press Gazette bemoans the lack of access to documents & calls on more journalists to 'pick up the torch'.

Camilla Cavendish comments on the family justice system in general, & expresses concern about the fee cuts.

The Independent goes to Gee Street & comments on the indecent haste with which the regulations were introduced.

AFua Hirsch comments in the Guardian calling for a lifting of the reporting restrictions.

Caroline Little from the ALC debates with Camilla Cavendish on Women’s Hour about opening up the family courts - listen again here . It is the first item on the programme.

Adam Wolanski's article on the main Family Law Week site summarises the rules & Chris McWatters' article sets the reforms in context with comments from Stephen Cobb QC.

But the for the real truth about family cases see John Bolch . To which I might add that clearly family barristers get paid far too much moneyh & hardly have to do any work!

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