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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Care proceedings roundup

The Times accuses Jack Straw of a confidence trick over media access to the courts and Lucy Reed comments as does Camilla Cavendish .

The Guardian reports that child protection authorities yesterday said they hoped to return an eight-year-old boy to his mother who had hit him with a hairbrush as soon as possible, but defended their decision to take him into care.

The BBC covers children in secure units to accompany their broadcasts Inside the Child Prisons Episode 1 .

Also on the BBC : police mistakes meant a chance to charge Baby P's mother with assaulting him was missed several weeks before his death, an unpublished report says. The same story in the Guardian .

The Times reports on an eight-year-old boy taken into care in Yeovil because his mother smacked him with a hairbrush for refusing to get dressed for school. The Guardian follows up with the Council's response and its hopes to return the child to the mother soon.

From Community Care - three social workers have been disciplined by Haringey Council after the north London authority found a backlog of child protection cases had not been dealt with in the wake of the Baby P scandal.

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