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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Southall to appeal

Paediatrician David Southall is to begin an attempt to overturn a General Medical Council (GMC) decision in December 2007 to strike him off the medical register (for the second time), the BBC reports.


alisonegypt said...

I dare say David Southall,will be successful in his attempt to be reinstated by the General Medical Council?
This individual should be kept away from the Child Protection arena forever.
No rewards for a lady, that is now six feet under,and the other Families ,and peoples lives hat this person has destroyed forever.
Alison Stevens Parents Against Injustice.

Anonymous said...

The SC Files; this is what the Attorney General wrote in her full review:

`Special Case` files – risks


Only a comparatively small but significant number of Dr Southall’s ‘Special Case’ files related to criminal cases. However, there is no evidence to suggest that investigators or prosecutors would have known about the `Special Case` files at the time of those criminal prosecutions. It is also unlikely that their existence would have come to light without the complaints made and action taken by the GMC"

It is of real concern that the AG's review team had undertaken an extensive look at more than 4,000 files marked SC and came to the conlcusions above, it is only the persistence of the complainants that ensured that these files came to light. The AG's review supports the GMC's findings in relation to just four SC Files.

The content of these files were unknown to every other agency there to protect the health and welfare of children. In light of the Laming report into Baby P and the identification that failures to communicate and share information between the agencies contributed to adverse outcomes for children. I hope now that people will realise just how serious the retention and hiding of those files really is.

I have already identified one case in which there was an SC File, now subject to a further serious case review. The retention of the medical information in a file marked SC and kept in Stoke away from the referring hospital, having been removed from the Royal Brompton relating to the family concerned led to the further abuse of other children in the family. I have now provided that information to OFSTED, the independent social care group who are conducting the new review and to the DCFS who are also conducting further investigations into the SC files.

Dr Southall should remain struck off the register.