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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Something for everyone

From the Mail a mother whose adopted son has Down's syndrome is appealing for women to have a sexual relationship with him so he can lose his virginity.

Also in the Mail a couple whose two sons were killed by drink-driving footballer are barred from adoption - because they are 'still grieving'.

From the Times Lord Justice Wall calls for end to use of 'honour killings' term.

From Community Care Mrs Justice Black urges national eligibility guidelines for children's social care.

Again in the Times divorce fair eases the pain of splitting (see my earlier post about Breakup Angels who launched at the show.

The Telegraph warns that children are being put at risk by inexperienced surgeons and a lack of basic child protection training in hospitals, a damning report from the health watchdog has found.

The BBC covers the story of a mother who has been jailed for eight years for inflicting a "horrific" series of injuries on her two-month-old son, who died hours later.

Back to the Telegraph for a story about a man who funded his former lover's career, buying her jewellery, meals, and paying her household bills, and won a £7,000 payout after he sued her for the return of his money.

Community Care features Action for Children's efforts to bolster the case for increased investment in early intervention services for children the launch of a major new research project.

In this Guardian story the armed forces have been urged to overhaul their child safeguarding strategy after an independent review.

Long-term foster care has been overlooked of late as attention has switched to other models of care. Academic Anna Gupta reflects on research that suggests it deserves more serious consideration in Community Care.

Marilyn Stowe has a good post on her blog summarising the case of Paulin on bankruptcy & divorce .

Divorce: why being North or South of the Border makes such a difference (Times).

In the Guardian a father whose two children were abused by a teenager placed with the family by the local council has criticised the public for subjecting the social services department to a "witch hunt" and baying "for the wrong blood".

That's enough news, ed.

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