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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Social Services Roundup

The Audit Commission concludes that, overall, England's 150 children's services departments "performed slightly worse in 2008 than in 2005", a period in which the ratings of council services such as housing, waste disposal and care of older people have consistently improved. ( Guardian )

Somehow Camilla manages to link to this in another piece about open access to family courts in which she is protesting about the alleged plans to restrict the media from identifying individual family members. Curiously, she also prays in aid the situation of Fran Lyons whose story received much media coverage. But, of course, Fran's case never reached the door of the court and she very sensibly skipped the country before it could. Simon Clayton's own comments in No2ABuse make interesting reading.

In a particularly shocking case a foster family's children ended up caring for a young person who went on to rape their own children ( Times ) when Glamorgan Council failed to warn them about his previous sexual offences (and see Community Care ).

Community Care also covers Haringey's new Safeguarding Action Plan - fundamental change and outstanding performance promised by 2012.

What would have been Baby P's 3rd birthday is marked by the Daily Mail .


alisonegypt said...

A Panorama Journalist as quoted that Care Proceedings have increased by %25 since the tragic death of Baby P,and other Local Authority failings up and down the Country.
This accounts for the amount of Babies,that are being taken within hours of birth, from Mothers, on Emergency Protection Orders.
Social Services in some cases have very little evidence to support their action.
Social Workers should use the Kincareship Clause, outlined in the Public Law legal Guidelines, by allowing an immediate Family member, such as Grandparents to care for the Child, after assessment.
These Guidelines are disregarded on a daily basis, with the clients iam dealing with.
Pre Court Template Letters are not being given.
What hope have Parents got within the Family Courts, if the so called Professionals,cant even get the basics right?
Alison Stevens Parents Against Injustice.

Anonymous said...

Still no medai attention to the children placed with a failed foster carer for years, and rubberstamped by the Judge.

When the foster carer failed all assessments and the foster panel turned her down, the social services merely changed her first name and slipped it through.

The judge knew of al the abuse in the foster placement and did nothing.

Not even when the eldest got his own solicitor and begged the judge to get his siblings out- as he had run away already.

One by one as the children came to 12 they ran for safety.

Now, the truth of their plight is coming to light.

Sadly, not one solicitor out of 105 had the guts to touch it. Why?

All this talk of child protection, and yet when an opportunity shows itself to do something positive, All The Professionals prove Spineless,