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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Open courts?

Following on the news item on the main Family Law Week website about the speech given by Mr Justice McFarlane to Resolution (with a link to the full speech) Frances Gibb of the Times has covered the story and the likely restrictions on journalists report family law cases. I am attending a lecture on this topic tonight to be given by Mr Justice Hedley amongst others and I will post a report on that in the blog.


lLegal Process Outsourcing said...

Thanks for your spirit of posting all the related details and the restrictions on journalists report family law cases...

Anonymous said...

If there is nothing to hide, and all proceedings were made legal and accurate, then, public exposure is right.
A judgment that is rendered will be judged by the public, then, the judgments will be made, much more carefully and wise, more with equality regardless of sex, race, or origin.
Pending case in the High Court of Justice of England with Justice Hedley.