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Monday, 16 March 2009

“Move on now while your star is low in the sky": Ray Tooth's advice to men

Following the news that Brian Myerson (see earlier post) is seeking to appeal his financial settlement in the wake of his declining fortune, Ray Tooth, has given an interview to The Sunday Times providing some striking advice for wealthy couples seeking divorce now.

While he says that the revelation that Mr Myserson's wife now owned 105% of the matrimonial assets raised "a titter in court" he goes on to add that

“Wives would be better now to wait, as the courts are being very wary about awards because of the problem of the ability to make payments,..... Hang on in there until times get better.

As for the men: “Move on now while your star is low in the sky. You can escape with less"

The full interview can be read on The Sunday Times website

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