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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Laming2: who's been saying what

Laming 2 itself

A list of the main recommendations is here .

See this story for the history of the Baby P case .

Community Care has published an excellent summary of the report & the reaction .

Ed Balls speech

Two hundred thousand children are at risk of violence or abuse in their own home, according to an official report from Lord Laming commissioned after the death of Baby P says the Telegraph .

Fathers have a vital role to play in keeping children save from abuse, according to Lord Laming's report in the wake of the death of Baby P also in the Telegraph .

And finally from the Telegraph, Social service chiefs are to be put through a new retraining programme amid fears that weaknesses in council management are risking more cases like that of Baby P.

England's largest social workers' union has claimed victory in the campaign for tougher regulation over managers following Lord Laming's recommendation to strengthen the employers' code of practice reports Community Care .

Children's services and social work leaders have broadly welcomed Lord Laming's report on improving the safeguarding of children, published today says Community Care again, and it also helpfully links to the main press coverage of the report . See also Ed Balls' reaction , CWDC and GSCC hail plans for post-qualifying training , Laming plan for national ICS is 'premature', warn experts , Protected budgets for safeguarding 'unworkable', say council heads , Sector comes out against degree split proposal , IDeA adviser says unit must not lead to 'micro-management' of councils .

From the Times comes Ed Balls promises intensive courses after shortcomings revealed by deaths of children under care of social workers and We must never leave children in danger just to save a £4,000 fee .

From the Guardian: Laming report: Managers who fail children must face disciplinary action & Patrick Butler, the Guardian's head of society, health and education, writes Protect the child - and the funding .

Related News

A REVIEW into the death of Baby P was branded “inadequate” by inspectors, it is claimed in the Sun .

Ofsted: 40% of SCRs in past six months inadequate

Doncaster SSD has serious weaknesses

Balls sacked Baby P chief under pressure from media, legal challenge alleges (the Guardian)

Ex-Haringey director accuses children's secretary of 'unlawful' decision-making (Community Care)

Children's lawyers & the NSPCC are calling for a public inquiry into the family justice system

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