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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Some openness about open justice, please!

DJ Millward the first woman President of the Association of District Judges has spoken in public of her doubts about the desirability of opening up the courts to media scrutiny.

This was quickly followed by an announcement in an interview by Jack Straw confirming that the plan was still to do so by April 2009.

However, the Independent on Sunday raises concerns that the government's plan will in fact result in a ban on identification of adults, reversing the decision in Clayton and and earlier piece on journalism.co.uk points to the lack of certainty about which media representatives will be allowed into court. This was sparked off by an analysis by Joshua Rozenberg when the decisoin was originally annoounced(and commented on in Jon Slattery's blog ).

In a speech by Jack Straw to the Annual Law for Journalists Conference on 11th February he said:

We are changing the rules to allow accredited members of the media to attend family proceedings in all tiers of court – subject to judicial discretion and reporting restrictions. And we will be piloting the provision of written judgments when a final order is made in certain family cases.

It would be quite nice to know what the plans are!

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