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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Social Services roundup

A series of articles about child deaths, serious case reviews and criticisms of social services.

Community Care and the Telegraph report on the case of Rhys Biggs involving Camden & Newham.

The boyfriend of a mother of a 2 year old inflicted 107 injuries on her and was sentenced to 23 years. The child was not known to Kirklees SSD .

Community Care reports Ofsted's denial that the resignation of the Director of Children's Services has got anything to do with the Haringey inspection .

The Mirror reports on a case in which Hedley J has upheld a care order where a father was deemed to be a risk as a result of an injury to a child of his several years ago and about which at the time there was no judicial determination. The implication of the article is that Hedley J heard evidence from Neil Stoodley versus Wayney Squier and preferred Stoodley. A concern is that the original brain scans have been lost.

The Mail on Sunday has an in-depth piece about the number of child deaths each year, SCRS, whether they should be published in full and research carried out by John Hemming MP .

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