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Monday, 16 February 2009

Public funding in family cases

I do not yet have time to do an in-depth commentary on the recent public funding consultation & news but here are some links.

Ministry of Justice Legal aid fees paid to family barristers are to be differently allocated to focus help to the most vulnerable families and children, and to combat rises in the family legal aid bill Legal Aid Minister Lord Bach and Legal Services Commission (LSC) Chief Executive Carolyn Regan announced today.
(differently allocated - doncha love it!)

Legal Services Commission on the interim changes due to come onstream in April.

Legal Services Commission main Family Graduated Fees Page

Consultation Paper on the new scheme for Family Advocacy closing date is 18th March 2009.

The Bar Council Government plans to cut legal help for vulnerable families and children have been greeted with concern by family barristers.

Pink Tape's comments on the advocacy proposals

Pay Peanuts Get Monkeys is John Bolch's comment on the proposals.

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