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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Lawson-West Solicitors

I was pleased to have my attention drawn to the website of Lawson-West , a firm based in Market Harborough, Leicestershire. The Family team at the firm have obviously worked very hard on their part of the site and from the testimonials it seems as if they work equally hard and empathetically for their clients. There are sections dealing with many aspects of divorce and separation including pensions, contact for grandparents, cohabitation etc. I was most impressed by the way they have managed to capture the flavour of what happens in a case and express it in plain English without using many words. It is refreshing also to see some public references to how much the whole process is going to cost the client and some emphasis on ways to avoid inflaming a difficult situation. There is a good FAQ section which I think really covers questions we lawyers might from time to time forget that clients don't know the answer to. Obviously this site is aimed at the prospective client facing a divorce or private law dispute but I shall be very happy to quote from and link from it on my Bloody Relations blog and as a marketing model it is hard to fault. The firm's blog, Family Law at Lawson West LLP is of more direct interest to lawyers as it contains short, readable summaries of private law & money cases as well as commentaries on relevant news items and I signed up for an RSS feed subscription straight away.

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