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Friday, 20 February 2009

Child Protection roundup

Lest you thought everyone had forgotten about the Baby P issue ...

Baby P's father plans to sue Haringey according to the Sun.

The family GP has been suspended according to the Sun

The Times reports that hospitals are not routinely checking whether children are on the child protection register

Community Care's Social Work blog suggests a solution : use the computer which the government has spent so much money on!

Birmingham & Black Country Cafcass report does not make for pretty reading according to Community Care and it is the fourth critical report in a row.

The Telegraph carries a story about a shaking baby trial ending in an acquittal. The main point in the case seemed to be that the retinal haemorrages did not appear until after the subdurals etc so that the classic triad was not established. Another interesting point is the reference to a protocol setting out that lumbar punctures should be routinely carried out to see whether there is any infection. See the Foundation for Sudden Infant Death's website and the Royal College of Pathologist site for the Protocol itself.

The story refers to the new research on subdural haemorrages which I posted about recently although I have to say it does not seem that it was particularly relevant in the case. I am pleased to say (and grateful to him) that Professor David has sent me a copy of the research and I will post about it again as soon as I have understood it well enough to say something!

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