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Thursday, 26 February 2009

4 Brick Court

I am going to do a little & rather incestuous puff for the website of 4 Brick Court . Quite apart from the fact that it showcases a number of rather brilliant and lovely barristers (admittedly I may be a bit biassed) there are a number of resources on the site that may be of value to family practitioners & their clients.

Firstly, there is an extensive Links library with links to sites arranged under the headings community care, education, family, general legal, human rights, immigration, medical & mental health & miscellaneous. Each of these sections if further subdivided into categories.

One reason I mention the links page is that there is a list of family assessment resources . This is fairly biassed towards London & the South East but has contact information / websites for most of the familiar assessors eg Jamma Umoja, Symbol etc. If anyone knows of any other resources which could be added to the list please email me at jacqui.gilliatt@4bc.co.uk. I would be particularly interested to know if anyone has any information about Coral, a community based assessment resource started up by Helen Watson, ex of Jamma and obviously of resources outside London & the South-East.

The other key resource is the Articles section . Although some of the articles on there are also on the main Family Law Week site, there are other articles you may find useful including a
guide to & draft letter of instructions for experts , jargon buster & medical abbreviations and my case library of removal from the jurisdiction cases (which I am in the process of updating and will be re-posting soon.

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Ian Downing, Act Family Law said...

Useful links, thank you for the link to them!
Only looked quickly, and maybe it is referenced elsewhere, but in the Parenting after Separation, you may like to mention the excellent Resolution resources, including the booklet "Separation and Divorce - Helping parents to help children"