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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Timetable for asking about the timetable for the child

I have just been to court for a case management conference. For the very first time in my experience since the PLO was introduced in April 2008 a Judge actually asked the advocates about the timetable for the child. Is this a record? The child is now less than a month old. We could think of no special features which might drive any timetabling considerations and ended up with a view that ideally the child should be placed with permanent carers, be they family or otherwise, by the time it is a year old. This meant heading towards a final hearing by the time the child is 9 months old, based on an assumption that it is likely to take 3 months or less should the child need to be placed outside the family (not an issue at all if the child stays with the parents). What I was left wondering was what was the point of the enquiry? The case will not be listed for final hearing for a goodly while yet (PRFD is mainly not listing final hearings though it does sometimes and it also sometimes gives a window listing ie a target month - gives my clerks a right headache putting that in the diary. Does anyone have experience of the timetable for the child actually being properly considered and making a difference to case management or is it just a consideration which is being trotted out as if it actually means something when it does not seem to like 'the welfare of the child is paramount'?

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