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Sunday, 7 December 2008

NAPO vs OFSTED: seconds away

An heated debate has broken out between Napo & Ofsted about inspections of Cafcass according to Community Care with both sides seeming to say to the other: you just don't understand me. Napo makes the very good point that user satisfaction should not be a pivotal part of a judgment about the success of Cafcass, with Ofsted responding that it is not just the users' perception of the service it inspects, but the quality of the service provided looked at objectively.

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Nick Langford said...

I wonder if NAPO can point to particular flaws in the Ofsted reports. Like the HMICA reports before them they seem to be perceptive and accurate and reflect the experiences of many users of the CAFCASS 'service'. It is indicative of the contempt with which NAPO views parents - particularly applicant parents - that they consider customer satisfaction to be irrelevant. Paul Bishop's comment that CAFCASS doesn't provide a service to parents is more telling than it is clearly intended to be.