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Monday, 1 December 2008

The heads are rolling

Following the news reported on the main site about the unfavourable review of the serious case review, Sharon "I certainly won't be resigning" Shoesmith has finally been suspended from LB Haringey, along with two other people from children's services according to the BBC . Councillor George Meehan & Liz Santry have resigned.

The Paediatrician who examined the child shortly before his death has now been fully suspended (as opposed to being restricted in the work she could do) ( (BBC) .

Meanwhile the inarguably real villains of the piece, the mother / boyfriend / lodger will not be sentenced for at least three months (BBC again) .

See the text of Ed Balls full speech in the Guardian. See the full Joint Area Review on the DCSF website. Damning is not the word, and unsurprisingly it does not approve of the fact that the LCSB SCR was carried out under the chairmanship of ... Sharon Shoesmith. There is not one single aspect of the organisation of SSD within Haringey which is referred to as being acceptable across the board. There remain persistent complaints about the failure to maintain accurate case records and to keep running chronologies etc. In fact it is so damning it is almost hard to believe and one wonders whether there was any effort made to identify any good practice.

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