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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Child protection needs protection?

The post Baby P fallout continues (and looks set to continue for some months given that there is to be a further report in March) with reports of crackdown on children's services in the Independent, which talks of Ofsted's conclusions on the inadequacy of Serious Case Reviews in 28 local authorities.

The Independent also picks up again on the care fees hike and the disincentive on local authorities to issue proceedings.

For an interesting take on the Baby P case (albeit written before the Government commissioned review see this post on the Liberal Conspiracy blog . The main piece argues that it is not such a remarkable story and the comments debate the ways in which it is said the case has been hijacked by those from different parts of the political spectrum.

Another thoughtful comment in the Guardian is that of Andrew Cooper, Professor of Social Work which is a robust defence of social work practitioners. Also in the Guardian, the analysis by Liz Davies (Senior Lecturer in Children & Families Social Work) of the adverse impact of the Laming reforms and John Dixon (President of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services) comments on the pressures on social workers & how they might be relieved.

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