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Sunday, 21 December 2008

Baby A

Yet another case where social services are said to have failed a child has been identified in Doncaster which has published a serious case review about child A (pdf file) . The concerns are summarised in Community Care . In common with the Baby p case, Doncaster social services seem to have taken information from a family at face value. For less sympathetic coverage, see the the Mirror (which tells us that the Baby A case is one of three cases subject to the serious case review procedure in Doncaster. The Doncaster Free Press announced more recently that there are 5 such enquiries underway. The Daily Mail this weekend highlights that the SCR itself concludes that the Doncaster SSD was inadequate, chaotic & dangerous.

Community Care also covers the Manchester murder case in which the young mum accused of killing her children was also known to SSD as does the Daily Mail . Both the police and social services are reviewing their response to this case in which the mother called for police help an hour before the children were killed and social services had closed the file. Yet the Manchester Evening News reports that the annual Ofsted review found the social services department to be adequate (the same as last year).

Another Manchester case is the subject of a serious case following a couple being jailed over a baby's death (see also the BBC coverage . The child had not been the subject of a child protection plan. The baby died of pneumonia, was severely underweight and at post-mortem was found to have sustained rib fractures.

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