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Thursday, 6 November 2008

On and on and on and on

Mr Justice Bennett, despite his uncharacteristic descent into plain speaking, clearly failed to put an end to hostilities between two warring parents when he said to them in 2004 :"I hope that this hearing really will represent the final round of hostilities....The mother and father have a lovely daughter who brings them much happiness and to whom they are both devoted.... If I may put it colloquially and bluntly: for her sake, give her a break." The mother has just attempted to appeal the financial settlement (BBC report) but is still vowing to take the case to Europe over 4 years later. Thanks to John Bolch for the link to the Bailii judgment and for his interesting post on the subject on Family Lore . As he says hats off to the lawyers who must have assisted the court and were acting pro bono but when a court says about our skeleton argument: "it contains a great deal of learning. In my judgment, however, it does not advance Mr or Ms X's case" we should perhaps take the hint that we may have lost sight of the wood for the trees.

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