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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Media interest continues on Baby P

The Guardian reports on the Government's refusal to publish the complete SCR into the Baby P case and also on Ofsted's first annual report on child protection and local authorities and on Government plans to make changes to the law .

The Telegraph reports that research shows that only 33 out of 189 children whose death has been the subject of an LA SCR were on the CPR . There is further coverage of the text message identifying the mother & her partner and includes something of the Commons debate on the topic. Another piece concerns the reaction of the sacked Paediatrician .

The text message disclosures have given rise to a police investigation according to the BBC.

Panorama's programme on Monday took a rather sympathetic line on social workers and said that a witch hunt was not was needed. You can watch the programme again on , BBC iplayer .

The Independent covers the fall in the number of care proceedings being issued & the fee hike .

The Standard also reports on the Government's refusal to publish the full SCR .

And the Times has Camilla Cavendish's take .

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