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Friday, 14 November 2008

Who Me?

The Baby P coverage continues apace with a veritable feeding frenzy searching for SOMEONE TO BLAME

The Times and the Independent suggest that the Government was warned 6 months by a former Haringey social worker before the child's death about failures to follow child protection procedures.

Haringey apologies according to the Guardian.

Lynne Featherstone MP calls for someone (anyone) to resign . She has a little list and is not impressed with the parachuting in of the man from Hampshire as mentor.

A comment worth reading is from Simon Jenkins who begins
Surprise, surprise. How we all hate the nanny state - until nanny takes a day off. Then we want nannies galore. We want nannies with whips, nannies with locks, keys and public inquiries. Labour, Liberal or Tory nannies are suddenly the order of the day.

The Telegraph reports on the Daily Mail's reports that Baby P's mother has had another child while in custody and according to the Guardian LB Haringey tried to prevent the child being removed from her until, apparently, they were overruled by the police???

The Press Association reveal that Ofsted & the Social Care Inspectorate identified 'issues for improvement' at LB Haringey months ago.

Sky News reports that Gordon Brown will do something to make sure it never happens again .

This is Life says that there have been 115 complaints to the ombudsman about LB Haringey since the death of Victoria Climbie . Right at the end of the article it is revealed that in only one case was there a finding of maladministration.

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