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Monday, 6 October 2008

Sexual abuse: physical findings

Recent research reported in the Archive of Disease in Childhood 2008 93 851-856 by Professor Watkeys concludes:

Pubertal and post-pubertal girls are more likely to have significant genital signs if they are examined within 7 days of the last episode of sexual abuse. Our findings suggest that abnormal anal signs are more likely to be present in the acute phase. This study indicates that children should be examined as soon as possible following a referral. This will have implications for clinical practice. Regardless of the lack of accurate history it will always be important to examine the child as soon as possible after disclosure.

Thanks to the NSPCC for alerting me to this research.

The ARchive of Disease in Childhood is a BMJ publication and as the name suggests publishes a number of articles which may be helpful to family lawyers.

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