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Thursday, 30 October 2008

News Roundup

The Audit Commission has concluded that children's trusts are not making the contribution to child protection that was hoped for them when they were set up post the Climbie enquiry, according to the Guardian .

Community Care carries a piece on the view of Foster Care Link that it may be more important for Muslim children to be placed with Muslim foster carers than for ethnic matching to be prioritised.

Frances Gibb in the Times considers the possibility of seeking court approval for decisions ratified by Sharia courts.

Family Bubble is getting off the ground with a new section in the library with links to articles of interest to Family Lawyers on other websites including articles on adoption versus special guardianship, Barder, children & financial applications, shared residence, overturning settlements etc. Family Bubble also has a feed of the new articles on Family Law Week.

Rather ironically, adoption figures have fallen by 16% in the last 3 years as Children & Young People Now reports (you have to register to read the full article but registration is free.

The same publication reports that over a 1000 children went missing from care last year, an increase of 110 from the previous year: see this article .

The Family Justice Council hosted a debate on the participation of children in family proceedings as reported here . A summary of the debate and accompanying podcast will be published on the site soon.

And finally I am sure no one will want to miss one of today's statutory instruments: The Cat & Dog Fur (Control of Import, Export & Placing on the Market Regulations) 2008 . Raining cats and dogs will clearly now be a criminal offence.

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