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Sunday, 19 October 2008

News roundup

Bit of a Madonna fest this week with endless speculation about the reasons for their divorcing ranging from no sex, gym before sex life, third parties, her involvement with Kaballah, Guy not being able to cope with Mrs Madonna bla bla bla.

Helen Ward for Guy Ritchie goes into battle against Fiona Shackleton for Madonna according to the Lawyer .

The Sunday Times reports on the plea by the natural father of her adopted child that his son should not be brought up by a single mother.

The Times puts the likely settlement on Guy Ritchie at £60 million.

The Independent's estimate was £100 million.

The Mirror says that Guy will do a deal at £15 million to avoid any imitation of the Macca / Mucca scenario.

That's enough Madonna stories, ed ...

The BBC reports that a child rescued from a burning home will stay in care whilst investigations are completed.

The Times covers a 'leaked' document from the MoJ about the slashing of the justice system budget (do I see a kite flying past).

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