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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Blog roundup

At the cutting edge of technology as usual is John Bolch who has recorded a video blog piece on recent cases . Other interesting posts on Family Lore cover the Madonna / Ritchie breakup, his regular answers to questions suggested by those searching for his blog, and a comment on Whithouse v Piper .

Pink Tape has covered the Law Society Press Release on advocacy rates in family cases and splitting child benefit.

Marilyn Stowe has written about gigolos and her very personal take on families and forgiveness (not in the same blogpost as the one about gigolos!), the credit crunch divorce and why clients seek second opinions.

The Benussi Blog deals with chance encounters with your ex and adultery (it's not good for you).

Laws of Love finds an interesting action against God in ... America, where else, and comments on the leak about public funding cuts and why that would be a bad thing.

Family Bubble (formerly the Editorial) has started up again with an interesting mission statement and a blog about Nick Holmes' Free Legal Web project.

Judith's Divorce Blog blogs about the credit crunch and the likely impact on divorce (up) and Soul Mating, a useful resource site for those going through divorce.

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