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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

News roundup

The main news, of course, is that I am back!

Families Need Fathers has received some rather unwelcome publicity due to the maverick intervention in a case of one of their officers according to the Times . I am not at all pleased to read about this as I have long admired their work and excellent website but perhaps they could have taken the same approach as they want us to take to this story when they were crowing over the iniquities of Bruce Hyman. One bad apple ....

The Times also covers the issue approval of sharia courts as arbitration tribunals .

The Times has been busy - there is also an article on the rise of collaborative law , the use by paedophiles of the internet
, another case of child abuse missed by LB Haringey & the piloting of a facility for mothers to request police checks of partners also covered in the Guardian .

The Magistrates' Association has published its response to consultation on barristers' fees for family law cases (as a word document : in summary expressing concerns about the damaging impact on the quality of representation and proposing that the fee changes should be postponed. The FLBA's response is summarised here : unsurprisingly unwelcoming and arguing that the proposals will increase costs.

Fathers4Justice: is it or is it not to be? That is the question according to this interesting post on Family Lore .

A former Head Teacher has persuaded a criminal court that the dopamine inducing medicine he was taking to treat his Parkinson's disease turned him into a paedophile according to the Independent , a defence which will no doubt soon be borrowed for the list currently topped by the entrap a paedophile in order to give them a good kicking line.


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