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Saturday, 6 September 2008

News roundup

Just as I am off on my holiday so the papers are starting to return to normal.

From the Independent covers an editorial in the BMJ suggesting that complaints from parents about allegations of child abuse may be putting off paediatricians from working in the area of child protection.

The Law Society Gazette reports on the rise in the rise of separate representation for children in private law applications - up 25% in 2 years - and the resource impact for Cafcass & the courts.

The Guardian covers the General Social Care Council's proposed new guidelines for social workers issued in response to the fact that over 40% of complaints against social workers have involved allegations of inappropriate relationships.

The Times comments on the objective of self-financing courts and the impact on the court service which is now facing a cash crisis.

Child Maintenance Options from CMEC is a new website with information about .... child maintenance! The website enables clients to check existing arrangements& provides information about the child maintenance system and the proposed changes.

Two new divorce related blogs Divorce : The Blog about .... divorce from Divorce Online & Divorce Manual from Natasha Phillips, a divorced lady with a legal background, none too impressed with the system.

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