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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Sex, social networking and splitting up

43% of all divorce cases are caused by sex according to John King of Derbyshire firm Wolley & Co. A report on the thisisderbyshire website carried the results of an analysis of his firm's files and the reasons for the relationships breaking down. It turned out that 43% of their cases were directly linked to sex, 37% were due to "lifestyle" reasons with money way down the list at 11%.

What was more surprising was the impact that technology was having on his caseload. According to John,

"What is definitely apparent is the fact that the internet and text messages are
increasingly contributing factors in a relationship breakdown.

It might be that one of the parties has got in touch with an old flame via a social
networking site, or explicit text messages are being exchanged.

So while new technology is helping people keep in touch more easily, it is also making it easier for people to stray."

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