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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Domestic Violence

A crop of interesting points on domestic violence.

The Times picks up on the findings of an Ofsted inspection in the South Yorkshire region, which highlighted the neglect of private law cases (as opposed to public law) and the inadequate attention being paid to cases involving allegations of domestic violence.

The Guardian picks up on a Refuge campaign aimed at promoting awareness of the early warning signs of domestic violence. The campaign is also covered by Sky News .

The Sheffield Telegraph features a podcast on Domestic Violence from Martin Loxley, Head of Irwin Mitchell's Sheffield Family Law Department.

The Hemeltoday website covers a new Hertfordshire police initiative on tackling domestic violence.

This Guardian piece by Vera Baird (Labour MP for Redcar & Solicitor General) discusses the proposals for reforming the law on murder including the 'domestic violence' defence. The proposals have also been covered in the Independent , & critically by Erin Pizzey in the Daily Mail .

Also of interest is the Guardian's coverage of the national crime map by local authority .

1 comment:

Lady Portia said...

It is well worth reading what Lundy Bancroft has to say on domestic violence and how the professionals are not properly trained to deal with abusers.

Invariably the abuser fools most professionals, just like he/she fools others by being a street angel and a house devil.!