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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

News Roundup

The Times reports on the BAAF initiative to urge social workers to approach ethnic adoptions flexibly. BAAF itself have just held a conference on the topic of the placement of black ethnic minority children.

DJ Crichton speaks out against the fee increases for care proceedings & Law in Action covered the same theme as does Community Care .

Eastenders is to feature a child abuse story line according to the Guardian .

Community Care reports on the ruling of the ombudsman that Essex County Council should pay compensation for its failure to offer proper financial support to a step-grandparent who became the primary carer for her step-grandchild.

Concern is also raised in Community Care about the adequacy of financial support to special guardians, particularly former foster carers.

The Open University & the Family & Parenting Institute held a joint conference on modern motherhood following on some major research carried out by the OU - the research can be downloaded from this OU website and Yvonne Roberts comments in the Guardian on the absence of policies to support mothers.

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